Industry Involvement

Sponsored Organisations  

SMEDG – Sydney Minerals and Exploration Discussion Group

H&SC have had a long running relationship with SMEDG sponsoring a number of events, helping on the committee and organising conferences.

The Sydney Mining Club

The Sydney Mining Club was formed in March 1997 to bring people in the mining industry together, it was formed to allow anyone to be involved. H&SC has been involved in the Sydney Mining Club since its inception.  Some of the underlying principles are:

  • Be inclusive – come to one Mining Club forum and you are ‘a member’ for life. In practice it means you are permanently added to our email list and are not required to pay any membership fee or perform any formality.
  • Include the media as our guests.
  • Avoid droning and technical presenters. Prepare speakers to take a lively ‘current affairs’ outlook to their story and to give something of a beachhead presentation about their company growth, their passions, rocks, riches and the big picture behind their work.
  • Limit the formalities and introductions. Present with a tight lunchtime slot that gets you back to the office soon after 2.00 pm.
  • Remind the members that they own the club and try to reflect their sentiments in the Club’s running.



A list of recent conferences our consultants have attended or been involved with:


Publications Following is a list our more recent publications.

  • Hellman, P. L., 1997: Avoiding disappointment: the application of basic good scientific practice to the exploration, evaluation and the auditing of mineral deposits. Assaying and Reporting Standards Conference, AIC Conferences, Singapore 10-11 November, 1997.
  • Hellman, P. L., 1999: Issues concerning the quality of assay results. In Good Project – Wrong Assays! Getting Sample Preparation and Assaying Right”. Seminar sponsored by MICA, AIG and AusIMM – Monday 26 July, 1999.
  • Hellman, P. L., 2001: Mineralogical and geochemical studies – key elements in evaluating nickel laterites. ALTA 2001 Nickel/Cobalt-7. Technical Proceedings. ALTA Metallurgical Services.
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  • Hellman, P.L., Duncan, R.K. 2014:  Evaluation of Rare Earth Element Deposits. Applied Earth Science (Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy Section B), Vol 123 No.2 (pp 107-117)

Contact us if you would like a digital copy of one of the papers listed below, please state the full title of the paper. Note that due to copyright laws some of these papers may not be available for distribution by us directly. For most of the papers below we do have copyright permission from the publisher or ‘author courtesy copies’ and we can usually supply the paper directly. We are currently obtaining permission from the publishers for all of the papers listed. Either way we will let you know if your request for a particular paper can be fulfilled by us and If not then will advise you which publisher or source to obtain the publication from. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.