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H&SC personnel have broad experience in evaluating and assessing a range of different types of copper deposits, some of our recent projects are listed below:

A porphyry copper gold deposit in regional NSW, Australia

Work Conducted: Geological interpretation, modelling and resource estimation for multiple deposits leading to pre-feasibility studies


A structurally controlled copper deposit located north east of Alice Springs, NT, Australia.

Work Conducted: Geological modelling, interpretation and resource estimation


  • Tujuh Bukit – Bumi Sukses Indo (BSI)

A porphyry copper deposit located on the south-east corner of the island of Java, Indonesia.

Work Conducted: Identification of original potential, data management, QAQC tracking and analysis and resource estimation


A porphyry copper deposit located near Orange in regional NSW, Australia.

Work Conducted: Database construction and resource estimation


A sulphide copper deposit processed by solvent extraction (SX) and electrowinning (EW) located on Wetar Island, Indonesia

Work Conducted: IPO reporting, QA/QC, database construction and resource etimation


Copper and gold porphyry deposit, Thailand

Work Conducted: Drillhole database system and integration and resource estimation