Simon Tear


BSc (Hons), MAusIMM, PGeo IGI
Simon Tear is a director of H&SC in their Brisbane office who has a BSc (Hons) in Mining Geology from The Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, London, UK and has over thirty years’ worldwide experience in the mineral exploration and the mining industry. He is a member of the IOM3 (25 years), the AusIMM (16 years), the Institute of Geologists of Ireland (PGEO 20 years) and the European Federation of Geologists (20 years). He is a Competent Person for resource estimation under the JORC 2012 Code & Guidelines. His experience consists of:

  • 14 years involvement in the resource estimation process including being a member of a Feasibility Study team.
  • Completion of a series of resource estimates (>80) for a range of commodities including gold, copper, lead/zinc, tungsten, nickel, and iron (DSO & magnetite) deposits in a variety of countries including Australia, Albania, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Mongolia, PNG, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.
  • Experienced with a variety of resource modelling techniques
  • Technical assessment/due diligence for >10 deposits & mines plus >5 Independent Geologists Reports for IPO’s
  • Exploration experience for a range of commodities in a variety of geological terranes.
  • 3.5 years’ experience as Senior Development Geologist and Acting Chief Geologist for Birla Minerals Mt Gordon Copper Operations, NW Queensland.
  • 15 years’ exploration experience with RTZ/CRAE/Rio Tinto, mainly field-based, including 8 years of project generation.